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Jul 25, 2010 10:30am EDT
. a coalition of interfaith leaders rallied in front of the u.s. capitol this week to mark the three-month anniversary of the bp oil spill. religious and secular group called on congress to stop accepting campaign contributions from oil companies and any money currently donated to the oil companies be passed around to the cleanup effort. the protest took place on the jewish holiday where jews lament the destruction of the first and second temples of jerusalem. >> today is not enough to mourn an ancient temple because the temple of all humanity is in danger of destruction. >> for people along the gulf coast, the oil spill crisis continues to take a severe economic and emotional toll. kim lawton traveled to the louisiana bayous this week to talk with people in the fishing industry and with local religious leaders trying to give them material and spiritual support. >> reporter: it's sunrise over louisiana bayou country. normally, this is when the fishermen here set out in search of shrimp and oysters and crabs. but things aren't anywhere near normal. instead of fishing, these men have b
Jul 4, 2010 10:30am EDT
this week, u.s. supreme court nominee elena kagan faced questions about her views of abortion, same sex marriage, and the separation of church and state. when pressed by senators kagan offered little insight into how she would rule on the proper relationship between religion and government. if she is confirmed, hers would be a crucial vote in religion cases which often split the court. >> the supreme court wrapped up its current term this week with 5-4 ruling in a case closely watched by religious groups. it pitted a publically-funded law school's policy of no racial, religious or sexual discrimination against a christian group's claim that it should be able to discriminate regarding its members and their beliefs. as tim o'bryan reports, the law school won. if a group there discriminates, it cannot receive public support. >> the court ruled that the university of california's hastings college of the law could deny funding and access to school facilities to the local chapter of the christian legal society because the chapter denies voting rights to the students to refuse to embrace their
Jul 11, 2010 10:30am EDT
meeting with raul castro. they have been charged with conspiring with the u.s. government to destabilize cuba's political system. they're being released over a period of months and will be allowed to leave the country. >>> the dalai lama celebrated his 75th birthday this week. he's been living in northern india since 1959 when he fled chinese communist rule in tibet. the dalai lama said his study of buddhism continues to give him, quote, strength, peace, happiness and good health. >>> we have a story now with echoes of buddhist teaching. it's about patrick mcdonnell, an american cartoonist who loves silence and slowing down and who sees the animals he draws as models for how to live in the present moment, the now. mcdonnell's drawings have filled more than 20 books, most recently, a collaboration with the author and spiritual teacher eckhart tolle. bob faw tells mcdonnell's story. >> reporter: with a few deft strokes, one line here, another there, the figures almost magically come to life. a dog, earl, or a cat, mooch, appearing in the comic strip mutts since 1994 and now syndicated in m
Jul 18, 2010 10:30am EDT
. prayer vigils were held for the victims at their u.s. churches. some counter terrorist supporters are criticizing president obama. the president said such language alienates muslims, however, a new report from the washington institute for policy objects to the refusal to recognize the religious motivations of many terrorists. the report says omitting any reference to islamic extremism prevents others from speaking up against the radical teachings. france is one step closer to banning face-covering veils in public places. the assembly voted for the proposed law which would fine women who wear the veil in public. concerns over gender equality are some of the reasons for the ban. the legislation go to the french senate in september where it is exsect ed exse exsect expected to be approved. a large majority of citizens support the ban as do others in other countries. nearly 30% of americans said they would support a similar ban here. american jews from the reform and conservative movements are protesting a new bill that would give orthodox rabbis there more control over conversion. cu
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)